Everything in life has a price. We pay a price for everything we have, and this goes way beyond things. We pay a price to be healthy and fit through wise choices and the regular effort of exercise and activity. We pay a price to acquire skill and knowledge through learning, concentration and the develop of abilities. We pay a price for high quality, good relationships through sincerity, appreciation, kindness, integrity, love and connection. We pay a price for our future by sacrificing present gratification for a greater gain. We exercise restraint where it is required for the greater good. We pay a price for everything.

We, as humans, like to buy things. We buy vacations, cars, homes, dinners out and dinners in. We buy fashionable cloths and practical cloths. We buy memberships to gyms and clubs where we can improve ourselves and expand our social horizons.

Retirement is the same. We have to buy it. We have to pay the price. And, we have to earn, save and invest properly to acquire the price and pay in advance. It is not like going to a restaurant, ordering and enjoying your meal as you dine with loved ones and friends. After you have finished your meal, you pay. Retirement is more like going to a cafeteria where you pay for everything in advance.

Retirement takes intentional, directed, intelligent planning. You begin with the end in mind and work backwards from where you are to your goals. You breathe life into your plan by understanding your purpose. Your why. That is the energy that drives you, that sustains you, that brings you back on track when diverted. It is your true north. Goals without purpose are shallow and subject to rapid fade upon achieving. Your depth comes from a deep knowing of your why, your reason beyond reason, that deep intuitive sense of what makes it all worthwhile. To quote the great Greek classical playwright Sophocles, “One must wait until the evening to enjoy the splendor of the day.” Retire on purpose and enjoy the splendor of your life!

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